Zues is an all-around athlete known for his athletic abilities in football, boxing, Mutai kickboxing and wrestling having his first fight at the tender age of 5 yrs. old at the Celebrity Theater, that night he earned the title of “Fighter of the Night”. Three years later, he would be ranked #1 in the world having competed in seven weight classes after beating all top competitors in each weight class.

Zues has since competed and won at the highest levels both domestically and internationally including the Junior Olympics.  

Amongst his many accomplishments in boxing includes winning:

  • 5 world championship belts
  • 4 nationals championship belts and,
  • 7 national championships in wrestling

Today he is one of the top elite football players in Arizona and his passion for the sport is unmatched. He is ranked one of the top running back prospects in the country. As a junior at Millennium High School, he is not only excelling in the field but also in the classroom where he holds one of the top GPAs in his class. His goal in football is to play and excel at the highest levels of the sport.

Zues is not only tenacious and consistent through his strenuous training, most importantly he possesses a Never Give Up mentality which has allowed him to become a fierce competitor. A clear vision of what success looks like is what inspires him. Diligence to tap into unrealized potential. He understands that high aspirations and own expectations, along with determination are the motivating factors for any champion.

Most importantly he appreciates the role models in his life, like his father who has taught him the importance of work ethic. He applies this same ethic to his personal development while in the gym, out in the field or in the classroom. Whether he is learning from his father, coaches, or his teammates. All these experiences have and continue to contribute towards his success today.